Estate Sale 101

So, how does this work? Well, first we visit the home where the sale will take place. This initial visit is FREE. It is during this visit that we assess the scope of the sale and formulate a plan for selling your items at the best price possible. This is also when we will set a final date for family to come in and look over the estate before we take over. And, lastly, it is during this meeting that we will make arrangements for the disposal of left over items and the cleaning of the house.

Once the sale date has been set, we start the process, which flows in phases.

The first phase is where the sorting and organizing take place. We call this the Treasure Hunt phase. It’s our favorite. Who doesn’t like to treasure hunt? But, don’t worry, we aren’t pirates out to plunder, we handle your treasures with the utmost care.

We do ask that you do not go in and clean-out, de-clutter, or throw anything away. We are the guests you DON’T have to clean your house for! Oftentimes what you think is trash is actually another man’s treasure! And a lot of items that you might throw out can be donated to a charity. There are many great charities in and around OKC that we love to bless with donations.

The second phase is the cleaning and pricing phase. It is during this phase that, when necessary, we consult with various experts as to how to best price any rare, antique, and valuable items.

The third phase is the staging phase. We are kind of known for this one. Marketing is everything. We repeatedly receive compliments on how beautifully our sales are staged.

The fourth stage is the actual sale. Sales can be two to three days in length. You can rest assured that your sale will be professionally marketed  to reach the widest audience possible.

After the sale we clean up our mess, remove our tables and proceed with the after-sale disposal and clean-up arrangements that were agreed upon. As soon as the sale is over we begin work on the accounting side. You will receive a recap of daily itemized reports from the sale, expenses, and your proceeds within 14 days.


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