You may not have enough items for an entire estate sale, or you just want to downsize and sell a few select items so you’ll fit into a smaller home.  In these situations we may be able to help you through consignment.

We are very sensitive to the market.  We know what will and will not sell and we’ll be candid and honest in our appraisal of your property.

We can use a variety of methods to sell consigned items.  If it is agreeable to you and the other party, we can combine your property with another estate sale.  If we don’t have a sale available for your items to be combined with, we may be able to place them in a retail location.

There are many avenues through which your  property can be sold.  In most situations, we will make arrangements to have your property removed from your home. It is important to note that some consignment methods are faster than others. We will consult with you and settle on an agreed time frame for your unique consignment needs. Rest assured, we will endeavor to find the right buyers at the best possible prices.

How Do I Know if My Property Can Be Consigned?

Chances are, you probably aren’t sure what your items are worth.  Certainly some property just needs to be donated to a charitable cause, or sold at a garage sale or auction. But some items are perfect for consignment. We will give you an honest assessment as to which is the best avenue for your items.


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